About Christinz Clothing

My Passion Is Making Women Happy

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my website!

I’m Christine Wardell. I live at Pisa Moorings and have a Shop & Workroom in The Cromwell Mall in Central Otago.I design, craft and create all my own styles to empower New Zealand women, to wear clothes that not only look but also feel amazing. I use a range of natural and synthetic fabrics that offer warmth, cool and comfortable styles that you know and love. 

Linen & Merino are a couple of my favourite fabrics that not only work incredibly well but also help to keep you both warm and cool in our incredible New Zealand climate.

Where It All Began

I started making pants for myself back in 2007 when we lived on a farm in Clydevale, South Otago which we sold in 2018. Friends and family soon became interested and put their orders in.

Through word of mouth and your wonderful support it soon became a full time job in my living room and then in a purpose built room on the farm.

My range has increased over the years and I travel throughout NZ selling at shows, Fete’s, pop-up shops and in home clothing evenings.

I love being able to make women feel good and try to have something for all shapes and sizes.

Christinz is easy wearing, comfortable, stylish clothing and made with love by me.

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Sustainable Fashion

New Zealand Made

It's never been more important to #supportlocal and so being New Zealand made is incredibly important to us. Hand crafted patterns means we can tailor styles to suit real women. Rather than buying multiple pieces and being unsure of the fit, with us you can be reassured they are designed to fit real women's bodies.

Fashion That Lasts

Fast fashion is taking over the world, but we know it's not the best for our wallets or the environment. Buy a piece that lasts and enjoy it forever. Give the gift of style to friends and pass it down through the generations. Let's change the way the fashion industry works in New Zealand and make it something we're proud of.